Your music on Spotify/Apple Music. llllllll playlist


I am running a Lines users music playlist on Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube.
Send me your favorite track(ONLY 1 TRACK PER PROJECT PLEASE!!!) in this thread.
Please send Spotify link and if possible apple music and youtube.

If you can or are interested please follow the playlist and submit your song.

If anyone wants to swap out a song for a new one please let me know.


Apple Music

Youtube I tried to mirror the playlist as best i could on youtube, not everything is on youtube.



Great idea!


:point_up: added to the playlist. Great start!


Fresh from the bakery :slight_smile:


here’s one by me:



Great idea. Here’s one of mine:


Awesome! Here’s mine:


Nice idea! Here’s my track


:point_up: Got em!!! There is some fun stuff in there.


here’s an EP I did a few years back:


I have no idea how to add things to the playlist from inside spotify

however you can find a lot of my stuff on there. Here is a track for the playlist


thanks. I did not make this a collaborative playlist so that i can keep it organized and keep all the music from lines users. so you can not addd to this via spotify just right here :+1:


ah! ok well I did the right thing then :wink:

I only use spotify enough to be cross with it every time Iog in…


yeah i only use Spotify at work. i much prefer other ways of listening to music but its also the go to place for most everyone i know to listen to music.


Here is one from my first modular release:


I have had this on shuffle this morning, and have really been enjoying it! There was a really nice transition between the pieces you shared @huron @Simeon :slight_smile:


Nice idea :slight_smile:

Here’s an old track I made…


Here’s mine