Your music on Spotify/Apple Music. llllllll playlist


Cool idea!
Here’s a tune from me:


Here’s one of my chunes from a few years back:




Thanks, you can hear more at


bandcamp > spotify

x 1000

edit: bandcamp is really such a fantastic platform - it is such a shame that it can be so easily over-shadowed by the (admittedly convenient) unstoppable corporate juggernaut that is spotify. :confused:


Track from a cassette:

More coming soon…



tx81z and tx81z culture


yes. i would love to run a discovery bandcamp playlist but thats not a thing. The huge downside of bandcamp is there isn’t a good way to discover and listen to music. This is me following where the listeners are.


:point_up: Playlist should be up to date. Im trying to arrange them so there is a bit of a flow.


Here’s a track from my first album. It just went up on Spotify today. I released it on tape earlier this summer. Thanks for doing this.


I find a lot of new music through having a listener account and following others on Bandcamp.

Anyway, I have music on Spotify too, despite all the misgivings. Here’s one track.


hmm maybe im not using it right. thanks for the track!


First single of my upcoming solo debut album is released today:



got em all :point_up: :heart_eyes::+1:


I had asked to have my stuff taken off Spotify so I have no idea how much is actually on there still and since I don’t have Spotify I don’t know how to check. Doh!


Anyone doing this for Apple Music?


I do not have apple music. The plus side here is anyone with a free Spotify account can listen. I would guess the music is on apple music also if you wanted to mirror the playlist.


Ah yes, mirror the playlist… I wonder if there’s a way to do that in an automated fashion…