Your music on Spotify/Apple Music. llllllll playlist


i do know but it would be cool!


I tried to mirror the playlist as best i could on youtube

I could not find
kires “high rise low down”
sgrow “you”
huron “the blue tape”
jet jaguar “what”
ally mobbs “we were sittin on the train talking about birds”


Here you go, and thanks for listening. This is the only track on the album with modular in it.


From my first release…


A recent track of mine:


Here’s me, experimental/field recording stuff :slight_smile:


Collisions Minimal series is more modular-oriented…er…minimal. Others are full-on synthgasms.




got em all :point_up::roll_eyes::+1::speaker:


Oh this is a great idea! Here’s one from my first album:


beautiful work everyone. some background for Sunday mornings…


i’m not a spotify user but my music is on there if someone wants to pick one…

(side rant: please support artists you like directly by buying music straight from them or services like bandcamp. thanks.)


Yes bandcamp is a great way to support. I wish they had a better features to expose artist and make playlist and such. I view spotify most as a way of finding a newer audience.


My first solo EP as Blacklodge. Another vote for Bandcamp too!


I’m :100: with Marc’s side-rant but I’m also realistic about how people consume music in 2018 for better or worse.


added :point_up::roll_eyes::+1:



These songs where made entirely on a modular system back in 2013, but I still like them :slight_smile:

If I were to pick one it would be no 2 ‘The Engine Room’

It is really meant to be heard like the soundtrack to a journey through an abandoned vessel of some sort…


Our Isn’tses album “Punctum”. Starts extremely confrontational and sweary, goes some other places :slight_smile: