Your music on Spotify/Apple Music. llllllll playlist



Thanks all for sharing,

Here’s a track for this thing if it’s still going down.


added :point_up::roll_eyes::+1::green_heart:


Just remembered my album on Seagrave is on spotify too :slight_smile:

There’s some digital-modular noise on some tracks made using Caustic :slight_smile:


hope this isn’t out of place in the playlist


A synthy one from a few years back


There’s an app called SongShift that can mirror playlists between music services. Here’s an Apple Music mirror I made of the Spotify list with it:

Hope it works for everyone! There are a couple of missing tracks, and there might be errors since it’s created automatically.


How does it work? I only get Apple Music to open when I click the link


Sorry, I had Wi-Fi off. Now it’s working…


I can’t wait to dive into the sound worlds all you lines folk have shared…


Oh nice does it live?


Do you mean does it update? I think I need to open the app, but then it automatically updates all the synced playlists, so I’ll try to remember to keep it up to date!


ha. yes update. :crazy_face:
thanks so much for doing that. ill add the link to the top.


No worries - thanks for compiling the list in the first place! In theory the app should also be able to create (and keep up to date) a YouTube playlist, but it’s not working at the moment. I’ll post this to the thread if it starts working!


Second single from my upcoming album released today :slight_smile:


Here’s a noise track I made, which more than 0.5M people masturbated to, as background music for a bdsm porn video. The Spotify version is totally SFW (wouldn’t recommend on the office Sonos though) and is no nut November compatible. :v: :slight_smile: :chains:


Great new additions. Trying to do some playlist organization for flow between tracks.


Awesome sounds on the playlist, very interesting!

I just released an album with my band yesterday. Think this track might sit in the playlist, biggest difference is it’s vocal led, most everything else is eurorack & synths. Lots of DPO, OG MS20 and Polyevolver going on.


just remembered this thread/playlist existed! still working on getting the casing corrected (it’s correct on every other platform :roll_eyes:)


got it in the playlist