Your music on Spotify/Apple Music. llllllll playlist


Much appreciated Ed, thank you :slight_smile:


Really nice work!!! the Dream, indeed :pray:t2:


Thanks for making this! It’s great to have another long, mixed playlist to listen to. Here’s one of mine.

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Great playlist! Here’s a track for you (all three formats):


@damon and @ikjoyce added to the playlists. thats for sending all the links to make it a breeze. Great additions.


Love this playlist. Thank you for putting it together!

Here is the last track from my first release. More ambient / experimental works coming soon.

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Evidently Apple Music has more paying subscribers in the US than Spotify does… Also, Spotify and some of the other streaming platforms have threatened to challenge the music modernization act, and Apple hasn’t.

And Apple pays artists more…

Just sayin’…


We have added a Apple Music playlist. I have a question or something to think about. When someone pays for a subscription they pay x amount and then a percentage of that is taken for from the services and the remaining is divided by the number of songs they listen to and then your one listen equals that. Now if someone doesn’t subscribe they watch adds and the adds play into the amount and keep building unlike the subscription. So is it better to have more paid subscription? Spotify and YouTube have the user bass and the chance for exposure. That being said I have added Apple Music to my focus. I have not noticed more of a payment per song via apple but I don’t receive many plays there for comparison.


I get your point, but the per stream rates for Youtube and Spotify free are significantly lower than the paid rates in Spotify and even more so Apple Music.

None of the streaming models come close to buying CDs or downloads, of course, but that ship has sailed, notwithstanding buying cassettes or bandcamp files. Those are great but not likely to scale…


Just getting into this now on Apple Music… excellent work!

Thanks for sharing!

Edit- How much of this is modular? And what are you using for the string sounds, those are lovely?


When I look at the analytics the payment from free accounts and ad based are paying almost 2x-4x as much on YouTube. Spotify and apple don’t give you this info. I have watched and read a lot of what Spotify has released and your payment from subscription is very low and based on how many songs the user has streamed. If the users are really streaming a lot you get more from the free users that don’t have a cap on the amount they pay because they keep seeing adds. The subscription is capped so the more they watch the less and less you make. You get a sort of x amount for adds and a x/y for subscription. I’m thinking I should find all the end of the year Spotify things people have posted that say how many songs they listened to and diveind it with the yearly fee.


That makes sense, and deepens the feeling of relative hopelessness around all this stuff…

I am lucky that I am not trying to make a living from my music, but I feel sympathy for those who are…


I may be wrong, but if something’s on Apple Music then it’s also available for purchase via iTunes, right? (As I avoid streaming services, I’m just guessing.) If true, this would give it a leg up – hopefully people who discover the artist via streaming would want to have it in their collection.

While I’d like to be 100% Bandcamp for purchases, I find Apple and sometimes Amazon difficult to avoid, because not everything worthwhile is on Bandcamp. Sometimes an ultra-obscure artist will self-release and keep their entire catalog “in print”, but only on Apple Music.

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@eblomquist ha yeah it is sort of a hopeless feel. I Am doing this playlist and a bit of focus on this stuff to make my music and others acsesable not to make money or quit my day job.

@ht73 you have the option to pick one or the other or both. But anyone that has apple muisic can just hit a plus button and that album is in there collection and shows up the same as if they purchased it. I’m not sure it makes anyone buy anything if they are also doing apple muisc. I think people with free steaming accounts are more lickley there to discover stuff and then purchase if they like it. People that pay for a streaming service are just adding to there collection via the streaming and not purchase if.

I’m mostly just curious on this stuff and how to release music so it can find a sort of audience or my family can actually figure out how to listen to my music. I think like most that bandcamp and physical and purchasing are my norms I just view these other things as a great way to find ears.


Here’s a track of mine if anyone fancies a listen. Raised Lines off my album Jupiter. This one’s based around a melody written in 5/4 time on a Doepfer Dark Energy - a lovely sounding synth IMO. Thanks for putting the playlist together.

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Thank you! That release is 100% modular, using a Make Noise System Cartesian and a 104hp skiff of mostly Mutable Instruments modules (and a 4ms DLD). Any string-like sounds would have come from Rings.


Thanks! I’m enjoying it a lot. Maybe I’ll pick up a 2hp Pluck to get a touch of that string vibe into my Shared System… I’ve got two 2hp holes to fill yet…

Do you have any more recordings in the pipeline?


Yes, I’m slowly working on new material for later this year with my current setup. I’m working on learning teletype and just type currently…


I look forward to hearing it!

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added to the playlist. I have a Dark Energy 2 and i use it a lot. It has some oddities and nice sweet spots.

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