Your music on Spotify. llllllll playlist


I am looking if anyone wants to help start a Spotify playlist. Looking to curate all music from lines users. if you have music on Spotify send me your favorite track(ONLY 1 TRACK PER PROJECT PLEASE!!!) in this thread.

if you can or are interested please follow the playlist and submit your song.


Youtube I tried to mirror the playlist as best i could on youtube, not everything is on youtube.

Apple Music



Great idea!


:point_up: added to the playlist. Great start!


Fresh from the bakery :slight_smile:


here’s one by me:



Great idea. Here’s one of mine:


Awesome! Here’s mine:


Nice idea! Here’s my track


:point_up: Got em!!! There is some fun stuff in there.


here’s an EP I did a few years back:


I have no idea how to add things to the playlist from inside spotify

however you can find a lot of my stuff on there. Here is a track for the playlist


thanks. I did not make this a collaborative playlist so that i can keep it organized and keep all the music from lines users. so you can not addd to this via spotify just right here :+1:


ah! ok well I did the right thing then :wink:

I only use spotify enough to be cross with it every time Iog in…


yeah i only use Spotify at work. i much prefer other ways of listening to music but its also the go to place for most everyone i know to listen to music.


Here is one from my first modular release:


I have had this on shuffle this morning, and have really been enjoying it! There was a really nice transition between the pieces you shared @huron @Simeon :slight_smile:


Nice idea :slight_smile:

Here’s an old track I made…


Here’s mine