Your music on Spotify. llllllll playlist


got it. :point_up_2::v:


Here’s a piano and modular piece by me:



One of the more liked tracks from my full-length modular album:


Old Stuff:

If you’re gear obsessed like me: Clouds, Phonogene, M-Audio Venom.


Got em all. Need to do a bit of organization to the playlist for flow but its all working great. thanks everyone for your contributions.


This is so rad!! Based on some of the tunes I’m hearing in this playlist, I’d love to add this contribution:


great idea! the most ambient track from a not-so-ambient release.


You’re doing a very cool thing, robotboot, thanks for heading this up.


Please and thank you: spotify:track:6sDEkbKIQdlEXULUgYUnZ8