Your Top 10 Albums of 2017


Thread discussing what the standout releases of this year were. I’m putting together my list still, but I will share when I finish.



I’m not 100% sure about all these yet, but it’s something like this:

  • Alessandro Cortini - AVANTI
  • Marcus Fischer - Loss
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto - async
  • Emptyset - Borders
  • James Carter - Darkest Light
  • Tigran Hamasyan - An Ancient Observer
  • Elder - Reflections of a Floating World
  • JAMBINAI - Differance
  • Blawan - Nutrition
  • Colin Stetson - All This I Do For Glory


I’m not totally sure but i’ll try.

  • James Holden and The Animal Spirits - Eponym
  • Four Tet - New energy
  • Gorillaz - Humanz
  • Suzi Analogue - ZoneV3
  • Kaithleen Aurelia Smith - The Kids
  • JLin - The Black Origami

… Can’t find more for now. Disovered loaaads of great albums, but they got out in 2015 or 1016. I’ll look out, so let’s call it a temporary top 6.



I started to compile a list and realized:

  1. I listen to a lot of music in a year.
  2. I’m never quite sure what came out this year.
  3. It’s easy to remember what I bought through Bandcamp, it’s harder to remember what I streamed.
  4. I know I’m forgetting stuff I really like, especially stuff that I listened to mostly early in the year.
  5. Google Play Music is terrible for keeping track of what you listen to. Often doesn’t register that I listened to something, and has no way to sort your library by year. I hate that giving users access to data is a maligned practice among the technocrats.
  6. I listen to a lot of hip hop and jazz, but I found it harder to narrow down albums. Possibly there’s something forest rather than trees about both to me that makes it harder to choose (metal is in a similar way). Probably Oddisee’s The Iceberg or Open Mike Eagle’s Brick Body Kids Still Daydream would be my favourite hip hop records, Harriet Tubman’s Araminta or Waclaw Zimpel’s Lines for jazz (excluding The Necks record which made the top), but then I’m not sure if either are wholly considered jazz (for metal, maybe Cavernlight’s As We Cup Our Hands and Drink from the Stream of Our Ache or Low Estate’s Covert Cult of Death? I don’t know).
  7. I would like to add Thor & Friends’ The Subversive Nature of Kindness, but I’ve only had a chance to listen to it once so far, this morning. But last year’s Thor & Friends record is definitely among the two or three records I’ve listened to most often this year.

So, with all that said, I think these are my favourite releases this year, impossible for me to rank:

  • Bashan - Bashan EP
  • Do Make Say Think - Stubborn Persistent Illusions
  • High Plains - Cinderland
  • Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - On The Echoing Green
  • Saltland - A Common Truth
  • Samuel Regan - Ides
  • Sudan Archives - Sudan Archives
  • The Necks - Unfold

And I’ve already made three changes to the list since I first typed it out.



Kendrick Lamar - Damn.
Awa Poulo - Poulo Warali
Baths - Romaplasm
Les Filles de Illighadad - Eghass Malan
Four Tet - New Energy
Feist - Pleasure
Phish - MSG 7/25/2017



King Woman- “Created in the Image of Suffering”
Cannibal Corpse- “Red Before Black”
Bell Witch- “Mirror Reaper”
Atrium Carceri & Cities Last Broadcast- “Black Corner Den”
Cavernlight- “As We Cup our Hands and Drink From the Stream of Our Ache”
Ex Eye- “Ex Eye”
Succumb- “Succumb”
Couch Slut- “Contempt”
Jlin- “Black Origami”
Rafael Anton Irisarri- “The Shameless Years”



Makaya McCraven - Highly Rare ( live jazz session recorded to 4 track cassette then manipulated into crazy hiphop/ free jazz / musique concrete jams )

Secret Sidewalk - Does Anyone Knock Anymore? ( fusion free jazz hiphop band with modular synthesizers and incredibly musical turntablism / scratching )

Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.

Pacific Yew - Lamest Days

Asonic Garcia - L A H A T

James Holden & the Animal Spirits - The Animal Spirits



Loads of great records this year. I think this is my top 10.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - The Kid
The National - Sleep Well Beast
Four Tet - New Energy
Feist - Pleasure
Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy
Colin Stetson - All This I Do For Glory
Sylvan Esso - What Now
Hanne Hukkelberg - Trust
Björk - Utopia
Oneohtrix Point Never - Good Time OST



Not sure about top ten but here are some of my favs off the top of my head:



Succumb is great! Will check out the King Woman, Bell Witch, and new CC albums.

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Roland Kayn - A Little Electronic Milky Way of Sound
Jaap Vink - Jaap Vink
Roger Tellier-Craig - Instantanés
Konrad Sprenger - Stack Music
No UFO’s - NU LP For RS
No UFO’s - MPC Tracks Vol. III
Kevin Drumm - The Next World Is Better
Jim O’Rourke - Steamroom 31
Jim O’Rourke - Steamroom 34
Jim O’Rourke - Steamroom 35



If you haven’t heard it, that Couch Slut record is close to the best record I heard this year.



kirkis - vide

hands down

shall we do another thread where y’all only post one album?



I personally like the lists but can see how it’ll get overwhelming quick


Kirkis - vide (can’t thank @tehn enough for the heads up)
Tyler - scum fuck flower boy
Mike - may god bless your hustle
Lcd - American dream
A. Savage - thawing dawn (can’t stop/won’t stop listening to this)
Parquet courts/ Daniel luppi/ Karen o - Milano (again, can’t stop won’t stop)
Jonwayne - rap album two
(Sandy) alex g - rocket
Aphex twin - field day lp (whooooooo boy, does it get any better?!?) + all the unreleased recordings he dropped
Thundercat - drunk

I’m sure there’s things i forgot, it was quite the year for music, imo

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I don’t think I actually bought that many albums released this year so I’ll have to check before I make a list but I’m definitely going to listen to things from other people’s lists (especially if I know and like other artists in that list), so thanks for this thread :slight_smile: .



Efficiency Ape - what about plant rights
Manager Diseases - tropeognathus
Hourglass - the cowardly, the faithless, the polluted
cat named chicken - cat named spork
Ssicking Rerips - deserterers
Address - must appear through window
/dev/null - strategy pattern
Time Is the Weapon - animated teen romance
Inhaler - woebetide



In no particular order (with the exception of Jon Hassell who came here through a tear in the fabric of Space Time… he rules my world)

The Animal Spirits - James Holden & The Animal Spirits
A Little Milky Way Of Sound - Roland Kayn
Mono No Aware -Pan Various Artists
Dust - Laurel Halo
Kallikatsou Recordings - Chi Factory
Grafts - Kara-Lis Coverdale
Trans-Millenia Music - Pauline Anna Strom
New Energy - Four Tet
The Distance - Gaussian Curve
Dream Theory in Malaya (Fourth World Music Vol. II) - Jon Hassell originally released in 1981, remastered with bonus track. Masterpiece.



dev/null threw me off, otherwise great list



shit youre right, i omitted the leading / which distinguishes them from that other band. fixed



A few highlights…

Kilchofer/Hainbach - Acosta
Visible Cloaks - Reassemblage
Golden Retriever - Rotations
Taylor Duepree / Marcus Fischer - Lowlands
Floating Points - Silurian Blue