Your top _____ of 2018


One of my favorite albums ever with some of the coolest drumming that I can think of. However, I wish the lyrical content would get less relevant instead of more…

My wife and I discovered it this year and absolutely love it. We typically don’t binge, but the first two seasons were gone in a week.

This thread is awesome. I’m finding all sorts of stuff that flew past me during this hectic year.


Same on both counts!

My list is new and old, I’ve been listening to Deceit on regular rotation for years now, and it doesn’t get old. If you haven’t heard them, the post-This Heat spin off bands are also awesome: Camberwell Now and Lifetones.


Contributing a necessary addition to the This Heat/etc. tangent. Flaming Tunes/Gareth Williams has some gems. This one was never released. I was obsessed enough with it to record a cover that’s on my Bandcamp. It’s insane that this hasn’t been put out to my knowledge.



New Releases
для FOR, Kate NV
Mills, Miki Yui
No Better No Worse (Vol 1/2), Graham Lambkin
Den Røde Skov, Henning Christiansen
Electronic Music from the Eighties & Nineties, Carl Stone
Anticlines, Lucrecia Dalt
Lips & Un Canto Della Tonnara, Roman Hiele + Lieven Martens Moana

Idylls, Lieven Martens Moana
Valley Girl, Madalyn Merkey
No Neck Blues Band
Community, Graham Lambkin ( !!! )

FILM (new and old)
Classical Period, Ted Fendt
11 x 14, James Benning
Quantification Trilogy, Jeremy Shaw
A Brighter Summer Day, Edward Yang

The after-images of last year’s Twin Peaks: The Return, which still bubble up from some subconscious level at least every other day.

This year, I discovered this wonderful place called Lines, and it’s honestly the best thing that’s happened to me. Thank you all for the heaps and heaps of inspiration.


I listen to a lot of music, but I don’t really think about it in terms of year of release in a clear way. I also loathe the idea of ranking music, so no lists for me.

The things that stand out to me about 2018 in some way or another:

  • The year started off with us having to put our first foster-ween to sleep after a month of tending to a dying little dude, we fostered another, and then got so close to the third by the time she was ‘ready’ for adoption that we couldn’t let go. Then I got married and my mom died right as my own little family had solidified. So there’s this weird mix of emotional highs and lows that I’ve been dealing with.
  • Just as my bike-riding was fading away due to moving to a less convenient part of town and my primary bike buddy was prepping for a move, I discovered a new physical practice for my mental and emotional health: tai chi. I love it! I do need to get back to bike riding and my back no longer being jacked as it was for about 4 months of the year minimizes the excuses I can manufacture to avoid it. So when it warms back up, I need to get back to a periodic ride.
  • Touring for a couple weeks this summer with my friend and meeting so many wonderful people and playing so many interesting spaces. More adventure in store I hope this next year.
  • A return to jazz in a deeper way than I’ve had in maybe a decade. The 1970s/80s stuff was never something I had investigated in a deep way and it all started with Anthony Braxton.


This thread is definitely in my “Top ‘Top ___ of 2018’ Year End Lists of 2018” list…


My top 5 musical moments of 2018:

  1. Releasing my band’s debut record after two hears of hard work
  2. Going on my first tour! Playing shows in LA, Oakland, Portland, Vancouver, and Seattle (home)
  3. Being reviewed in The Wire, a dream
  4. Entering the studio next weekend to work on solo material with collaborators
  5. Finally pulling the trigger on a eurorack system (wait… this might be the worst thing I did :money_mouth_face:)


Things I sold in 2018 that I never thought I would:

Presage ‘Outer Perimeter’ 2LP
The last of my 1210s
My first synth (an Arturia Minibrute)
King Gizzard… ‘Nonagon Infinity’ Aussie-only 2LP

And I feel happy about all of them.

I sold them to fund:

  • going to Community Scratch BBQ in Brighton
  • buying/building a dual tank spring reverb unit
  • a Korg MS20 Mini
  • synth DIY stuff

Basically, I’m not playing vinyl any more - I don’t have the space to have a turntable setup so I’ve got a PT01 that I can store out of the way until it’s needed. I’ve accumulated all this stuff over the years and I don’t need any of it. If it doesn’t help me make music, it can go in favour of more space and a small amount of stuff that does. I anticipate selling 90% of my vinyl in 2019 along with most of my books and a load of other things too.

Things I considered selling in 2019 but didn’t:

The entire Bully Records 7" collection
One of my Werkstatts
My beloved Vestax 05 Pro III

Although there is time yet…


You can’t say this and then not include a link to your band :slight_smile:


Ha! I thought I was already being humblebraggy enough. The band is called Newaxeyes. The album is called ‘Black Fax’ and we released it earlier this year on Important Records. There, I plugged it :wink:


favorite records of 2018

hippo lite - drinks

rock island - palm

wanna be your man - prophet

hate in my heart - dntel

music for saxofone and bass guitar - sam gendel and sam wilkes

happysad - kiefer

abstractions - kaitlyn aurelia smith

thoughts of a dot as it travels a surface - cv & jab

hilja - cucina povera

radigue: occam ocean, vol. 1 - éliane radigue

homage to dick raaijmakers - thomas ankersmit

ten sen men - kenji kihara

the book room - kilchhofer

let night come on the bells end the day - sarah davachi

saudade - r beny

early tape works 1986-1993 - kuniyuki takahashi

less concepts - dan derks

mount vision - emily sprague

sharing waves - cool maritime

yililok - yialmelic frequencies

parallax - ahnnu

coyotes - felicia atkinson

meditations in music - john carroll kirby


agh a bunch of these are things I need 2 listen to


K A S is incredible!

This year I’ve really enjoyed the Buchla output of Simon James & Jon Brooks’ last album was beautiful.


tysm for these! i’ve only listened a little bit of ‘why we bleep.’


My pleasure - I can’t say enough good things about Hanging Out With Audiophiles especially: he even waxed lyrical about Hainbach & our own Scott Campbell in the last episode!


I wish I could like this again after edit


I love the backstory that they didn’t want to release the album (even though it was ready) until he grew the mustache for the cover, so the album got held back a few months.


WMD Mantic Conceptual FLEX
Orthogonal Devices ER-301 Soundcomputer
ALM Busy Circuits Akemie’s Taiko
2hp Kick
Mutable Instruments Plaits

TR.P, respect the classics
SC.CV / SC.TR (tie)


It has come to my attention that SOPHIE’s album The Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-insides is up for a Grammy! Wow. I really love this album. Def a fave of 2018.


Top 5 TV series that I finally got around to watching of 2018:

  • Happy Valley
  • Black Mirror
  • Last Tango In Halifax
  • Broadchurch
  • The Last Kingdom

Top 5 things I bought for my house of 2018:

  • !! Phillips smart lights !!
  • Google Mini
  • TV Test Image tea-towel
  • IKEA Lack Coffee table