Your top _____ of 2018


that baptists record is so fucking good


not 100 percent sure, but all indications would suggest it is him and sam gendel.


Book: Between the World and Me - Ta-Nehisi Coates

This book destroyed me. It’s three years old but it didn’t matter.

Album: The National - Sleep Well Beast

Not a bad track on this one.


My big list of many top things:

Top bands/acts I listened to a lot this year, way more than in previous years:
Les Rallizes Dénudés
Old Man Gloom
Johua Abrams
Tomasz Bednarczyk

Top bands/acts I listened to a lot this year that I always listen to:
The Necks
Jim O’Rourke
Souled American
Advance Base
MF Doom

Top types of tea I drank this year (first full calendar year without coffee):
Goko Uji Gyokuro
Jade Snail Spring
Material Matcha Uji MMU3
Upper Namring Darjeeling
Fukujyu Sencha
Mangalam Assam Tippy 2nd Flush

Top things new to me this year:
new guitar (Reverend Charger 290)
new sweaters (Woolrich Kennebeck Shetland Crew in grey and blue)
new condiment (Abokichi Okazu Chili Miso)

Favourite albums released this year:
Beacon of Faith/Baptists
Animal Companionship/Advance Base
Body/The Necks
Universal Beings/Makaya McCraven
Spectra/Tom Hall
Kontrapoetik/Maria Horn
sleep like it’s winter/Jim O’Rourke
Black Access/Black Axes/Black Spirituals

So many albums I liked a lot this year:
Lebroba/Andrew Cyrille, Bill Frisell, Wadada Leo Smith
Megadead/Benjamin Shaw
Further Still/Bosse-de-Nage
No. 4/Christina Vantzou
Cold Air/Drowse
Numb & Void/E. Bandit
Some Rap Songs/Earl Sweatshirt
Overload/Georgia Anne Muldrow
The Terror End Of Beauty/Harriet Tubman
Permanent Destitution/Hissing
Steamroom 40/Jim O’Rourke
Childqueen/Kadhja Bonet
Organ Dirges 2016-2017/Kali Malone
Cast Of Mind/Kali Malone
Double Negative/Low
Out of Time/Mamaleek
Shape Memory/Marcus Fischer & Simon Scott
Span 跨度/Meng Qi
Room 25/Noname
What Happens When I Try to Relax/Open Mike Eagle
Parallel Universe Blues/Papercuts
Arcade/Philip Jeck
Quietly/Planning For Burial
Actual Existence/RLYR
Sink/Sudan Archives
A Heart to Heart About Our Values/The Fun Years


[I was in that band, just fucking around >:) ]


best module: Ornament & Crime / Hemisphere
best rediscovery: monome Aleph / Sherman Filterbank
best open source: ORAC - Organelle by @TheTechnobear
best hobby: try to make new Aleph’s OPs
best album: Low - “Double Negative”
best wish: an Aleph’s OP that works


i stand by everything i said! y’all are really fuckin good!


Recovering from addiction feels asymptotical for ages, even after you’ve done the hard work of nuking your social scene, your neighbourhood, and getting out of the patterns of daily use. You can approach—but never reach—the “zero crossing” for several years. It’s fine. Don’t give up. You will reach zero.


Lists has sort of fell by the wayside, as far as current (today) priorities. or, re: things to do (a list), “Lists” is p much at the bottom of the list. I like reading y’all’s lists… I’m trying to think of something somebody might find useful. I’m now on a hunt for the new Earl Sweatshirt CD, at a reasonable price.

Lines is definitely one of the more useful places I’ve found this year- I’m thankful for you all – you bring a lot to the table–I keep hearing beautiful music here, and reading good, stimulating [mindful] conversation – [useful] exchanges taking place [a knowledge resource], with a perpetual, sort of over-arching feeling of doing better. I appreciate the general attitude / vibe - that of thoughtful, sensitive, and intelligent people sharing things. It’s not typical


My discovery of lines has also been a major high point of an otherwise quite difficult year. I want to echo the sentiments expressed here about the fine qualities of heart and mind and music shared so generously by the folks here!


15 albums!

kilchofer - the book room
jon hassell - listening to pictures
r beny - eistla and saudade
ramzi - amor fati
exploded view - obey
objekt - cocoon crush
unknown mortal orchestra - sex & food
emily sprague - mount vision
yves tumor - safe in the hands of love
robyn - honey
chihei hatakeyama - butterfly’s summer and vanished
sam evian - you forever
beach house - 7
kenji kihara - scene of scapes


this has truly blown my fucking mind


Thank you for reminding me what a great album SWB is :blue_heart:


i’m curious, is this because of the music or the revelation that clown core is likely louis cole & sam gendel?


I was at the Chihei Hatakeyama and Christoph Berg show too. Beautiful space and really warm people. Did you also go to Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto the night before?


Favourite lines, released in 2018

“I move through shadow / I go they go wherever / Don’t they come in / Whenever I let em
I climb through the skylight / Whatever you’re feeling is all right / Let you let go / Whatever you’re feeling is natural” Pinegrove - Skylight

“After all this time when I’m my most lost / An anchor, eternally grounding me to navigate / A darkness until a light so blinding burns through the fog / It’s never in doubt
After all this time when the rain comes down / An anchor, eternally grounding me to navigate / What’s left behind what lies ahead / It can take the worst to find out” Rolo Tomassi - A Flood of Light

“At fate’s command / What could we become / When desire is all undone?” Rolo Tomassi - Alma Mater

“This machine you know it don’t kill fascists / This machine just softens what’s hard / This machine it killed the dream of the sixties / This machine you know it’s just a guitar /As you smugly walk past, you ask yourself
How did this happen?” Bodega - How Did This Happen?

“Soft sound so soothing / Something that sits so deep in the back of your head while you’re asleep.
I caught you running, for something so far away knowing you could not spend another day (knowing you cannot not stay forever).” Delta Sleep - Sultans of Ping

"All of these telescopes focused on land / And I be just focused on me " Benjamin Shaw - Blue Teeth Thursdays


My :mountain: top 2 of 2018

  • Schilthorn, Switserland (2973 m)
  • Ben Nevis, Scotland (1345 m)


I didn’t! I was actually in town for a job interview (I didn’t take it), so my time in Berlin was brief. I was bummed I couldn’t go to that one.


vague top 5

madcap coffee
modcan b modular
moog bass


I had to sell my Minitaur last year (along with a load of other things) when I took the financially idiotic move of going back to University to get my PGCE. Now my finances are happier I’m seriously considering re-buying. I miss that creamy double-oscillator bass!