Your top _____ of 2018


i lean towards vintage of 80ish via the source for creamy 2xoscbasso voice


that they’re likely the same! separately, those were two of my favorite/most listened to discoveries this year.


Alas, a lack of space precludes me from owning a Moog with a keyboard. I’ve just about enough room for my MS20 Mini but that’s capacity as far as keyboards go


&& grid <3


top 5 favorite new modules that gave me a serious ~ ohyesyesyes ~ moment

  • cs-l
  • a second three sisters
  • rxmx
  • optomix
  • pressure points


Favs that I came across in a busy year:


I loved Maniac to tiny little bits


I have a bunch of Top 10s I bet this group would like.

WebHamster Henry’s Ten Best Imaginary Sound Events


Top 3 albums of 2018:

  1. Palm - Rock Island
  2. Pendant - Make Me Know You Sweet
  3. Tim Hecker - Konyo

Top 3 albums of 2018 recorded prior to 2018:

  1. Marcos Valle - Previsão do Tempo (1973)
  2. Karantamba - Ndigal (1984)
  3. Laurie Spiegel - The Expanding Universe (1974-77)

Top 3 record shops

  1. Long in the Tooth - Philadelphia PA
  2. 641 RPM - Boone NC
  3. Boomkat - WW


shouts out to Long in the Tooth! one of the best record stores in philly for sure. great selection, plus such a nice guy behind the desk. i lived in philly for around 7 years and went there often.


My 2018 list:

Favourite new music:

Favourite old music:


Actually making one track I liked! @ermina’s and my contribution to the lcrp duets release earlier this year.

Finally, but certainly not least, continuing a nearly decade old conversation about Modcan, games and other things with Liam (@dude).


oh @sandy i love you. you were the reason i could come back to modcan and modular at all. i’m so grateful for our interactions over the years. you are wonderful!! :saxophone::fox_face:


Eartquaker Devices YouTube ‚Show us your Junk‘ Episodes-the Mark Mothersbaugh especially…there is nothing more americana than this,love it!

Knobs YouTube channel. Damn, this is addicting.

These two channels made me play guitar again and completely abandon eurorack YouTube channels.

I was having a lot of fun with Squarp’s Hermod and Instruo‘s CS-L.

I loved Manga St.Hilaire‘s Outsiders Live forever LP.

2018 is the year i purchased music from Bandcamp only. Even the physical copies came through bandcamp. 2018 is also the year i got myself Spotify.
Streaming begins to appeal as i slowly beginn to abandon the idea of hoarding music on shelves or harddisks.

I visited lines quite a lot and had marvelous discussions an inspirations here!


favorite albums of 2018 in three parts:

rock/rock adjacent:

  • wume - toward the shadow
  • kacey musgraves - golden hour
  • connan mockasin - jassbusters
  • palm - rock island
  • spirit of the beehive - hypnic jerks


  • yves tumor - safe in the hands of love
  • laurel halo - raw silk uncut wood
  • steve hauschildt - dissolvi
  • eartheater - irisiri
  • dan derks - less concepts

hip hop:

  • playboi carti - die lit
  • kids see ghosts - kids see ghosts
  • earl sweatshirt - some rap songs
  • lil baby & gunna - drip harder
  • jpegmafia - veteran


Here’s my year-end list


I’ll post my list sometime soon, but yours has some overlap with mine that I haven’t seen listed yet - Hauschildt, Laurel Halo, WUME.

also choosing between “rock adjacent” and “experimental” for WUME is a tough decision.



…takes a deep breath and jumps right in…

Cheating, a bit, with the first two, okay three, categories - I’m claiming Newbies’ First Post Privilege/Prerogative! - really, there’s just been So Much Great Music this year…

Top 5 albums, A-H:

  • Amparo - Palm House (Modularfield)
  • Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society - Wow and Flutter (Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society)
  • Emily A. Sprague - Mount Vision (mlesprg)
  • Gray Acres - Gray Acres (sound in silence)
  • Halftribe - For The Summer, Or Forever (dronarivm)

Top 5 albums, H-S:

  • Hotel Neon - Means Of Knowing (Hotel Neon)
  • Pepo Galán - Strange Parentheses (ARCHIVES)
  • Paperbark - Last Night (Seil Records)
  • r beny - eistla (r beny)
  • Snufmumriko - Drömboken (Lagerstaette)

Top 5 compilations, alphabetically by title:

  • A Light, A Glimmer (Polar Seas Recordings)
  • An Ambient Compilation (Seil Records)
  • Full Circle (ASIP)
  • Losing Today (dronarivm)
  • We Stayed The Path That Fell To Shadow (Lost Tribe Sound)

Top 5 musicky bleepy noise things, alphabetically by maker

  • Data Garden MIDI Sprout
  • Gecho Loopsynth
  • Korg SQ-1
  • MakeNoise 0-Coast
  • Minirig Mini

Thank you lines people for a lovely forum, hope I haven’t broken anything (protocols, traditions, furniture, what-have-you) with this Very Long first post :slight_smile:



I feel massively guilty about my SQ-1. I bought it at the same time as my MS-20 Mini and have literally only used it to send basic 8 note sequences to the Mini so that I can mess with parameters and make sounds that make me smile. I know it’s capable of so much more than that and will endeavour to explore it properly next year… and will probably end up getting a 0-Coast* sooner or later too because they look fantastic.

(My grammar issues necessitate that I point out I’m pronouncing it “No-Coast” and therefore “a” is appropriate, not an upsetting attack on the English language)


I haven’t done much with my SQ-1 yet either, but since learning that it does indeed work with arbitrary rhythms rather than a clock as long as you set it up properly, I like it more.


Not sure I’m going to make any top 10 lists this year. We’ll see. But in the meanwhile, I recommend the annual top 10 from Michael Ross’ Guitar Moderne website: