Your top _____ of 2018


Ha, will do. I keep those worlds so separate I didn’t even look. :blush:


It is really nice!

I found it on Apple Music, assuming that most folks who have stuff on Spotify got it there by a method that also includes Apple Music, so thanks for making it available that way…

Do you have anything posted on your process? I’d definitely like to know more!


in the replies he even gives us a teaser of more about process and sound to come :wink:


new music i liked!
•aqueduct ensemble “improvisations…”
•lolina “the smoke”
•rezzett “s/t”
•aem rhythm cascade “litie”
•flanger magazine “breslin”

new movies i liked!
•if beale street could talk
•first reformed

books i liked!
the royal family
miss macintosh, my darling
blood soaked buddha/hard earth pascal
the recovering
the chandelier


It was great meeting and hanging with you too! I still haven’t gotten a Just Friends, but last time I was in NY on tour, I definitely went to Control in Brooklyn and messed around with that and a Morphagene for 2 hours----I was lucky they were so close to each other in the case!

llllllll’s is the best.


Best persimmon of 2018: Saijo

Best apples of 2018:


ADULT. - This Behavior
Balam Acab - Free Etherea
The Field - Infinite Moment
Rival Consoles - Persona
Matthew Dear - Bunny
Vladislav Delay - Untitled circa 2014
Du Dur of Somalia - Vol 1 & 2
Richard Devine - Sort\Lave
Cool Maritime - Shared Waves
Attraktta - Massive Irretrievable Data Loss


psp EMT


2018 Year End List I was asked to compose.


this is a great year end list


Phish Destroys America ftw! (FUNK)


My Late-to-the-party 2018 List:

Board Game: Kingdom Death: Monster
Album: The Sight Below - Glider 10: Reworks (honorable mention: Mount Vision)
Surprise: Rachmaninov - Trio élégiaque No.2 in D minor, Op.9*
Module: Just Friends (honorable mention: Blck_Noir)
Movie: Spider Man: Into the Spiderverse
TV: Bob’s Burgers
Book: Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows
Beverage: Half-Hemp-Half-Whole-Milk Mocha

*Despite being a long time Rachmaninov fan, I had never heard his trio pieces, so this was like finding gold.


I didn’t see this until 2019, but one my favorite things to come out of 2018. What a delightful movie - entertaining, great animation, and genuinely heartfelt.


The marketing for the film totally missed the mark. Word of mouth seems to be the driving force for the film. An actually incredible Spider-Man film. :wink: