Your top _____ of 2019

hello! i have decided to follow up last year’s
“your top _____ of 2018” thread started by @barnjazz! share your various end-of-year lists here! those lists may include anything from albums to foods to images to shoes to phrases! anything you want! i mean it!

also, i find the top _____ of the decade trend rather strange feeling, everyone feel it out but if you feel like adding those in here that is fine! let’s share some lists!


These guys have been my favorite this year.


Top music release of the year for me: Foves Hex - Salt Garden III EP

Jessica Pratt Jessica Pratt Jessica Pratt Jessica Pratt. Jessica Pratt


There’s always that debate about which years mark the end/beginning. Officially the 2nd millenium ended on Dec 31, 2000 rather than 1999, but then 2020 will be part of the '20s… :thinking:

Anyway. My favorite musical gear acquired in 2019, in no particular order

16n Faderbank – I got it mostly for Teletype/ER-301 control, but I find myself using it as a MIDI controller (mostly for mix levels) and CV controller (also for mixing but also timbres) more than anything else. Once in a while I use it to turn Teletype into a hands-on sequencer. I stuck a couple strips of whiteboard tape on my desk in front of it to act as a scribble strip.

Reface CS – it’s not a mind-blowing synth, but it’s simple and fun. Fun is important! I have a Elektron Analog Drive basically surgically attached to it to give it some extra ooooomph.

Bitwig Studio 3 & Expert Sleepers ES-3 + ES-6 – as close to an ideal setup for me as possible. Before, I was using Maschine as my DAW despite not doing drum/sample-centric stuff anymore, because I was used to it. Now I really think of my modular as a hybrid hardware/software setup with a very permeable membrane.

Lyra-8 – I love this thing. It is bursting with character, the sound and feel suit my music so well it almost feels like it was designed for me and yet also designed to expand my horizons in just the right ways. The things that are “missing” or “wrong” with it are as lovable as the rest.

Mimeophon – I’ve said before, this module seems like it was designed based on a list of features I wrote earlier in the year about my ideal delay, but in stereo and with Make Noise’s own twists.

Plugins – Valhalla Delay, Wavesfactory Cassette & Spectre, DDMF MagicDeathEye.


Top 5:

  1. Miniaturizing my music gear has far and away been one of the best creative decisions I’ve made in years. I still have deep love for massive wild eurorack cabinets but focusing on developing kit that I can easily carry on my person has proved to be an excellent choice. Sold much of my eurorack gear, but kept 54hp of my absolute favourites (teletype, just friends, SSF/WMD modules, meng qi) and have shifted focus to smaller idea boxes (volca, axoloti, Norns/Fates) I dont feel like the lack of modules has effected my creativity
  2. Finally took the dive into Monome/Whimsical Raps hardware. Has been extremely satisfying. For a long time I felt teletype, whimiscal raps modules were a bit over my head. I couldn’t quite figure out how they would find a place in my workflow. But after some detailed reading through the docs, I began restructuring my entire system around them. I feel like I only scratched the surface in 2019!! Really hoping there’s a grid and crow in my future :no_mouth:
  3. Got more involved in Union/labour activism. With the cost of living/rent soaring where I live, it can be difficult to grasp a feeling of control. Over the past year I’ve gotten more deeply involved in my Local and for once I started to feel I could make some tangible changes in my community.
  4. 100 - 1000 Gecs. A few years ago I don’t think I would have been able to enjoy this album like I do now. I’ve felt a personal shift away from misanthropic/nihilist music towards futuristic/joyful/exciting. I’ve listened to this album more than any other this year.
  5. I got a dog! It’s good for life, highly recommend adopting a rescue if it’s within your ability


Dogs :heart:

yours is very cute!


My video game of 2019 is Untitled Goose Game. Both for the enjoyment I’ve gotten out of it and for the joy my kids have had. It has been the source of much merriment in my house. It’s simple, clean, funny, playful, and rewards experimentation. In that respect it’s like Lines, in video game form.

The visuals and sound design are a delight. The gameplay is a hoot. (Or a honk.)



I enjoyed Untitled Goose Game quite a bit for sheer concentrated delight. But I think my favorite for the year is Noita. Lots of replayability, and the sort of game where losing is almost always fun (which is a good thing, since it’s almost guaranteed and often very sudden).


Same here. Absolutely the top (dog) of the year.
I also finally got a boat, but that was late in the summer so that might be on the list next year instead.


My top 10 movies of 2019 so far…

  1. Atlantics
  2. Last Black Man In San Francisco
  3. The Farewell
  4. The Irishman
  5. Hustlers
  6. Knives Out
  7. Pain & Glory
  8. Marriage Story
  9. Midsommar
  10. Birds of Passage

[have not yet seen parasite, the lighthouse, the souvenir, and portrait of a lady on fire, so subject to change :stuck_out_tongue: ]


My top 10 colours of 2019

  1. Gold, especially when dealing with fabrics.
  2. Sky blue. A classic, always cheerful.
  3. Neon pink. A firm favourite of mine, tempted to spray a guitar I am making this colour to match my pink amp.
  4. Grey. So versatile, yet underrated.
  5. Green. Nature.
  6. Black. The vast majority of my t shirts.
  7. Red. The colour of anger? Always vibrant.
  8. Yellow. New entry for 2019. Possibly as I pine for the warmth of the Summer, yellow screams sunshine to me.
  9. Orange. Another new entry. Fruit branches out. Another reminder of the summer past. May climb higher when the fire goes on as the temperature drops.
  10. Purple. Dropping a few places this year. Still love a nice purple, but mostly in 80s tribute logos and animations #synthwave

Top 10 numbers, and letters coming soon…


I’m so glad to see Wavesfactory Cassette mentioned here! I’ve literally NEVER been as impressed or taken by a VST plugin in my entire life. It’s the reason I was overjoyed by the idea of a Raspberry Pi running an OS that can host VSTs and is a major reason why I can’t ever see myself leaving my PC behind (unless the aforementioned Pi VST host really is what I hope it will be!)


love that demo!! Not nearly the same quality but I found this Axoloti patch that I quite like for tape style distortion

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This is one of my favorite albums I think:

This one also:

These two are probably somewhere on my top 5 images of the year:


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This is fantastic - and I love the idea of reproducing a VHS signal process. Why have I never looked into Axolotis before now? I want one!

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Axoloti is very underrated! I was able to replace all of my FX with one. Really simple to get a grip on if you’ve experimented with PD or Max4live. Next generation Axoloti is being worked on by the community, should be released soon.


Alas, I have absolutely no experience with M4L or PD (other than poking around at PD files on my phone and iPad!) but am very keen to learn. It doesn’t appear as though the Core units are available at present, though. I like the look of the Music Thing add-on board too. I can’t believe I’ve never investigated Axoloti before - I assumed that I knew what they were but apparently that wasn’t the case at all!

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song (and probably album) of the year for me


Top 5 music podcasts:

  1. Sys ex dumpster
  2. Esoteric Modulation
  3. Noisextra
  4. Podular Modcast
    big gap
  5. Why we bleep
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