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hello all

this is a love letter to community

i used to be a punk/hc kid digging the early electronic music. i started learning max few years before i came across the monome devices. i still remember gazing at tehn’s early videos. even tho i never was an active member of this community it gave me lots of inspiration.

i met @glia through old monome forum in 2014 and since then we began exchanging tunes, samples and wip tracks. an honor that i never took for granted.

it all started here glia / bugaev | glia

then we made more Shafan / Ish | n ev & Glia | n ev

and now i’m proud to share ZAAN

i had this beat for months but couldn’t figure out what to do with it. i made my part using madrona labs’ virta and used aaltoverb during the mixing process.

thank you all


and btw. i’m curious to hear your thoughts on making drones with virta. tbh i never used it as an effect.

some of my virta (and kaivo) tracks were included in this mix


thanks for posting!

really curious what people think of this one

really nice idm vibes, thanks for sharing. always the best when you find musical chemistry with someone who lives worlds away. pauline oliveros too <3


so… it’s bandcamp friday. any support would be appreciated.

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please support our single if you can
also gotta thank nik for being gracious enough to allow release of my alt mix here


Hell yeah, I’ve been looking forward to hearing more from this collaboration! :slight_smile: Excellent stuff, as always Nikita and @glia, please release more soon. Your sounds work so well together.

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exploring the methods I used while creating my part for this collaboration

both tunes were made from 2 voice recordings processed through an old messy max patch and aaltoverb


so. it’s bandcamp friday. and here’s the new thing


Soooooooo niiiiiiiiiiiiicccceeee

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