Ah yes, the age old Engines issue. Oh well!

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I just released v1.1.2 which fixes the external MIDI clock not working. Download here or do a git pull if you’ve installed Zellen via git.


Yeah I was thinking it would be nice for the note order patterning. You are right it should probably be it’s own thing. Hard to say how useful it would be.

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Oh, you’re thinking of the windmill being an extra play mode, in addition to up/down/random/drunken up/drunken down? Yeah, that might work. Sorry I didn’t get that earlier.

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Yeah but I don’t know how discernable it would be from random. So I’m on the fence till I try it out.

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I switched to linked lists for storing the previous boards and did some cleanup.

I filed my first pull request which is pretty exciting. I’ve only used svn at work, git has been lovely.

Here’s another little demo. Thanks!


Oooo! Any chance you’d be willing to share? This is sorta the exact twist on an arpeggiator I’ve dreamed of.

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@kasselvania my fork is here https://github.com/ericmoderbacher/zellen

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There goes the weekend. :wink:

apologies if this is obvious to others, but as a non “git” user, do I just download the .lua files and replace the existing lua file? also, where do I put the “linkedlist” lua file? thanks in advance. your demo videos are awesome btw.

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No worries.

Make sure Norns is up to date to be safe.

Both zellen.lua and linkedlist.lua just need to being the same directory somewhere in the dust/code folder. On my Norns they are in dust/code/ericmoderbacher/Zellen/

My fork is just a fork, try to pull from the master in the future. Which I keep separate on my Norns so I have a stable version at dust/code/sbaio/zellen

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Awesome, thanks! And it’s the first pull request I receive, so it’s exciting for me, too. :smiley:

I’ll check the PR tonight as soon as I get off work!

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Zellen 1.2.0 is here, with @ericmoderbacher’s awesome new time travel feature!

Download here or git pull if you’ve installed via git.


Wow, this script, with the time scrubbing, rules so so hard. I hope to spend sometime with it this weekend. Might just make an improvised arppegiated mess.


Okay, so, this has been an amazing trip thus far. This thing is great, and I’m really excited to get some stuff in my setup to get Midi out of the norns. Would really open up some cool doors.

I was wondering if there could be an addition to the setup in which we are capable of changing the pace of the hits, not just the global bpm? Maybe add 8th’s and triplets as a param? Unless I missed it.

With the time travel knob, its really fun to play it like an instrument. Remember what the first few notes of a pattern is, and slide back and forth between a few patterns to create something slightly more controlled. Adding triplets in there would allow for even more texture within that play structure.


I think this might be possible if the Norns beatclock library supports it. If I am not mistaken that’s currently not the case but I’ll dig into it.

Btw, I assume you already found the Euclidean rhythms feature in the parameters screen?


Yeah! Those are really fun stuff.

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The newest release (1.3.0) adds CV support for Crow. (1.3.1 only updates the docs/script comments.)


  • NEW: crow cv support
  • NEW: board wraps around at the edges (configurable in parameters)
  • some under the hood changes to make the code more manageable

Pull the master branch if you’ve installed via Git or download here: https://github.com/sarweiler/zellen/releases

Crow configuration for Zellen:

  • Input 1: Clock
  • Input 2: CV offset
  • Output 1: CV
  • Output 2: Trigger
  • Output 3: Alternative CV
  • Output 4: Clock

CV offset (input 2) can be set to pre or post quantization in the parameters menu.

Alternative CV is, just like the main sequence, a CV derived from the current play position on the board. The CV can be calculated with these methods (configurable in the parameters menu):

  • x/y (default)
  • x%y
  • x+y (same as the main sequence)

Here’s me playing Mangrove and Three Sisters with Zellen + Crow:

On the roadmap:

  • Saving boards
  • Crow/Just Friends support
  • More refactoring

phenomenal demo and update

just amazing work

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this is supper fun and im gelled with zellen