'Zen' Youtube Channels

‘Foo The Flowerhorn’ Really nice aquascaping, great editing and minimal presentation.

‘The Ditchwalker’ Guy finding archeological artifacts and sometimes fossils in ditches. Really nice no frills no background music presentation (or lack there of).

‘Life In Jars?’ Slightly eccentric Dutch guy, making ecospheres, closed jars, out of environmental materials.

I’m really enjoying these types of channels, anybody now any more of these type? Trying to watch more peaceful content and less news and agrevation :).


Foo The Flowerhorn takes up too much of my time. The sweet potato betta tank was awesome.


a classic. its shown on TV in Norway at night, popular for those with insomnia


Uri Tuchmann is a berlin based engraver/artist and makes fun objects that are always weird in a wonderful way. Watching him work is super relaxing.


(how do I embed? I can‘t figure it out)

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nice. reminds of a channel I forgot about:

‘Denha’ Japanese guy makes miniature marble machines, very elegant.


Semi-addicted these kinds of things:


There are lots of live-feed wildlife cameras to see on youtube. I like the Cornell Lab bird channels, and my cats do too.

Por ejemplo:


I really find quiet, unassuming videos of skilled craftspeople plying their trade relaxing and nice to chill out to. Here’s a couple channels that do that kind of thing really well, with minimal background music and little to no typical youtube banter.

Blacksmith channel where he forges and does some gardening and just nice stuff.

A furniture maker that, well, makes furniture. Includes walks around rural japan sometimes, nice dog too :slight_smile:


There was a fab BBC series like that a few years back - just 30mins of people making stuff with no commentary or anything. Looks like its on youtube too…

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I have a playlist of “background videos” I often let run on my second monitor at home. These are some of my favorites:

Sometimes I let the audio run, too, but often I mute them. There are some great “walking around” ones that I usually play at half speed, like this one:


Was coming here to post this! I’ve gotten into these videos since they were posted in the woodworking thread. The little outside-the-studio excursions are quirky and fun hah.

Also, @robotboot has a cool series called VideUtopia that is nature video shots (sometimes) soundtracked to ambient music. My favorite is this one, soundtracked by @Benjamin_Mauch


Not technically YouTube but very much related to this topic - “Keeping Up With the Kattarshians”. A livestream of a two story dollhouse inhabited by some cats. For a while it was on broadcast tv in Iceland. I think the original is gone, though there’s a “Kattarshian” web site with other cat livestreams inspired by it, and a YouTube channel of highlight clips, but the original was just such a strangely wonderful thing to happen upon while channel switching through late night TV on a cold northern night.
Here’s an article on it:

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Love this channel (usually skip past the opening music):


I’ve walked that journey. Brings back good memories.

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Some of these have speaking, but I still find them excellent as passive time to spend with video. I tend to love technical things. Something that is so outside of my norm (ship building) is just perfect to let me let go of my ego around building things, since almost everything is new, and not a typical methodology.


Li Ziqi YouTube Channel

A Chinese food and country-life blogger and internet celebrity.


These are all so classy. Makes me feel a little sleazy for enjoying those channels where girls lick the camera lens.

ya’ll ever heard of a guy called andy warhol


How about a bit of Michael Snow:



los angeles

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