Zengomi Suite vérité

Suite vérité

Eurorack modular music

Two voices patched~recorded~modified~recorded successively over the course of a recent evening. As such, a rather intense and focused process. Hence the title.

Intermittent voice: Serge Random*Source New Timbral Oscillator

Constant voice: Doepfer A-100-6 TTZQ VCO

While every module in a patch plays a crucial role, the oscillators tend to take center stage. (See above.) In this patch, Frap Tools Sapèl is the pumping heart, the calculating brain, sending voltage to, among other destinations, Expert Sleepers disting EX Shift Register Random Quantized CVs and Random*Source Smooth/Stepped Generator.

The Serge voice was crafted with four other Random*Source modules: Dual Universal Slope Generator; Variable Q VCF; Wave Multipliers; Triple Waveshaper.

The Doepfer voice features the module’s Trapezoid (TRASIN + TRACOS) waveforms, with both exponential and linear frequency modulation by Schlappi Engineering Angle Grinder. Random*Source Smooth/Stepped Generator feeds 1V/Oct.

Epoch Modular Rob Hordijk’s benjolin modulated Sapèl and Triple Waveshaper.

The album photo was taken at Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, in July of this year. Strangers on a beach.

I hope that listening will transport you to a psychic place, a temporal moment—be it past, present, or future—where you feel invigorated and centered.