ZKM's inSonic 2020 festival this weekend

Anyone else attending the inSonic 2020: syntheses festival organized by ZKM’s Hertz-Lab this weekend?

It is happening today, tomorrow and Sunday during European and African late afternoons and evenings with talks and concerts. The livestream is the place to be, and there is also a Telegram group for backchannel chats and chilling.


Thank you for sharing/reminding

Definitely gonna tune in!

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See you there :slight_smile: (Whatever it means)

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I really enjoyed the concerts yesterday. The second piece Zwischenraum – Akustische Kartographie by Julia Jasmin Rommel spoke to me æsthetically and the third one Trio no. 1 was surprising drone performance whose serene serious playfulness drone performance (a lot of apparent contractions there) caught me by surprise.

They are available as recordings at the end of yesterday’s stream. Today’s programme starts in an hour :wavy_dash: