Zoom h4n opinions

EDIT: Subject change, i think the zoom h4n might be the one for me.

I’m thinking about changing my Focusrite solo with a Zoom h4n.
Any suggestion from the owners? I read it can be used as a soundcard, which would be my primary use, but the addition of the SD recording is very useful. Does anybody know if it can be used on iPhone with the camera adapter kit?
Also how does the XLR/TRS combo input work with euro? Can i just use a 1/8" to 1/4" cable and plug it in? Would i have balanced/unbalanced problem?

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I’m really happy with my Audient iD14. It has great mic preamps. 2 in and 2 out. And it has the ability to expand with ADAT. I’m using mine together with a ES-8 as an aggregated device - this gives me 6 inputs and 10 outputs.

i wouldn’t dare using an H4n on real-world signal levels (this post on a well known forum summarizes what is wrong with this device. )

Is there any portable device like the h4 capable of acting like a soundcard?

I’ve been quite happy with my SD MixPre-3. No balanced outs, but you get impressive preamps for such a good price, and the USB-C I/O lets you interface with a DAW. Got it because I also wanted something I could use for field recording!


Beautiful thing, but just about 6 times my budget!

Yeah, I hear ya - it took a lot for me to pull the trigger.

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Why not the H5 instead of the H4n? As far as I know the sound quality is quite improved.

Are there any direct comparisons between the H5/H4n, especially in regards to the preamps/noise floor?

Just a matter of cash :frowning:

I use this and have no complaints. Great DAC’s, small footprint and simple to operate:


I’m no expert, but I’ve researched a bit, and it seems that the H4N Pro also addresses some of the issues with the regular H4N.


@joshhh speaks truth. The current H4N Pro has the same preamps as the H5 and H6. Biggest differences are the user interface, actual pro line level input, and modular mics. Been using the H4N Pro for a little over a year now for field recording with an external mic, band rehearsals, and sometimes recording straight from my modular. Haven’t used it as a usb audio interface, but I imagine it’d work great based on the preamp quality! Latency though, I’m unsure.


Thank you! I’ll check it!

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Found this thread looking for reviews of the Sony recorder - Are you still liking it? Line-in recording work well?

Yup. I don’t do much field recording with it. But I use it as a line recorder all the time and have never had any issues. On occasion the signal gets too hot and you may need to attenuate a bit (on the modular). I would definitely get it again if it were lost.

Awesome, thanks! Really appreciate the info.

Does the H4N doubles down as iOS audio interface?

The pro does, but even though it has batteries it still needs to go through a powered hub or you get the “accessory requires too much power” message.

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I have the H5 which I use to record my modular. Have also used it as an audio interface for the Mac, and have used it to record audio while shooting video. It’s good for all of these purposes. Great sound quality. Have been really happy with it. It comes with like a 100 page manual but I find it intuitive and never needed to open it up.