Zoom h4n opinions

I’ve had a reliable friend in the H4N for what seems like a decade. Can confirm it no longer works as an audio interface, at least on current Mac OS. I’ve just been recording to SD cards and importing to pro tools.

Anyone have any tips for cleaning an H4N? The grip on mine is doing the rubber-degradation dance and getting uncomfortably sticky.

lately i have used alcohol-based hand sanitizer on a cloth to turn this kind of sticky plastic into shiny non-sticky plastic. Imho the advantage over rubbing alcohol is that it is less volatile. Also nowadays, it is already around me at the moment i need it.


Jumped right to the rubbing alcohol and it works but takes a bit of scrubbing, the sticky whatever-it-is likes to collect in the corners. (I skipped the hand sanitizer because I really hate the way it coats your hands after grocery store runs; I think rubbing alcohol is supposed to evaporate faster and leave less behind.) It’ll take a second cleaning but I think it’ll do – thanks for the tip!

Hey just FYI, that sticky coating problem is one zoom knows about and is covered way beyond the original warranty.

I just got mine replaced for this problem after owning it for several years no questions asked.