Zupiter: Modular Node Patcher for Your Browser

I love patching! Like many here I enjoy patching on modular, but when the modular is unavailable l will be just as happy to use a computer. So I was pretty jazzed to come across this web-based version of the very familiar interface. It seems to be early days, but there are already enough nodes to make some interesting sounds, and of course it is free for all!



I was thinking about building something similar. This looks nice, just wish it was open source / extensible

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Like a browser-based Pure Data host?

Yes but based on javascript and embracing web technologies (so you could use it to live code css, canvas, web audio etc)

That would be nuts! I think the only tools for that right now is Max with NodeJS. Something tells me this developer is more obsessed with minimalism (although I am trying to persuade her to include a FEW more nodes). So please feel free to bring your dream to fruition. :slight_smile:

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