i felt compelled to finish this before recording new work and initially dropped news about it somewhat discreetly for followers and fans to check

but the release earned me a recent gig and the more i think about it, this definitely deserves it’s own thread and a bit more context now

i originally set out to make a danceable album along the path laid out by related ep’s [no metro & ntimmi] and was also motivated by death of Florian from Kraftwerk and taking free ableton classes w/ Jwords via zoom.

re-watched the matrix not long before beginning to record and spent plenty of time thinking about how some themes translate into the music world and our current reality…

please let me know if you have technical questions or want more detail about my methods and musical choices on this one

mastered by telefontelaviv [josh eustis] and re-released today in honor of bandcamps fee-waiver