ZVex Lofi Junky Module Mod

I bought a used Lofi Junky module and I clearly got one of the first gen ones with the problem occurring where when fully wet, a ridiculous amount of gain is applied to the input signal, so the module clips like crazy, and also emits a ton of noise. I have contacted WMD about getting it repaired but have gotten no response (Email to their website and on Instagram). On the Lofi Junky muff wiggler thread, people were able to have their units sent it for repair, but seeing as they are not answering, and I have quite a bit of repair and DIY experience, I was wondering if anyone knows what mod they do to get rid of this problem. I’m happy to do it myself, but don’t know what to do. Thanks :slight_smile:

I thought that too about my own, but it was not the case. I did manage to get a response. It’s supposedly a very small number of modules that fall into that group. The module has a really hot output compared to most other eurorack modules. The message I recieved:

The ILFJ has an onboard compressor that will bring signals up in level with lots of gain. This is inherent in the design and there isn’t much we can do. Lots of times, when you are using something that needs a bit of boosting on your mixer or VCA, when the ILFJ is introduced, it can clip the channel as it is a much hotter signal. I like to boost the signal before it hits the ILFJ so the gain is constant between dry and wet.

The known issue with this module is a chip that can go bad. This was only in the first few units. It causes gnarly distortion and noise and is very obviously broken.

Like with many modules, there is a good chance your issue is gain staging and not a bad unit. Good luck!

Thank for the tip, I’ll try boosting the input signal so that it is at the same level as the wet signal and see what happens.

I definitely notice a LOT of clipping with mine too. I have a tiny eurorack monosynth setup for live sets (who remembers?) which is essentially an Atlantis, Lo-fi Junky, and a few other effects.
If I run the Atlantis our into any other effect with any number of the oscillators at full volume there is never any clipping, but when I run it into the Lo-fi Junky I have to pull the oscillators down to about half volume.

Even then, a resonant peak on a certain note will clip really badly. Luckily my music has a lot of degraded sounds anyway (hence why I’m using a Lo-fi Junky in the first place) - but it can be really annoying recording a long take and having some pretty nasty clipping happen on a certain note unexpectedly.
I’d love if anyone has a DIY solution to this, it seems like we should be able to add more resistance at the input to bring the input gain down, but I’m not experienced enough to take the module apart and figure it out.